Used to be Taco Bell Used to be Taco Bell is dedicated to pre-drive through Taco Bell architecture. Our goal is to find old Taco Bell buildings, and show what they are now.


The Family Soul Food and Mexican Food – Los Angeles, CA

This South Los Angeles restaurant combines soul and Mexican food.  Of course, it used to be a Taco Bell.


Alberto’s Mexican Food – Santa Fe Springs, CA

Here is an old Taco Bell building in Santa Fe Spring, CA.  It is near Telegraph Road and Painter Ave.  Again, thanks to los padres de DL for the fotos.

This is the view from the side.

Here is a closer shot.  The brick circle may have housed a mascot statue.  The mascot lives on to the left of Alberto's sign.


Tasty Good Chinese Food – Norwalk, CA

This is near Pioneer and Alondra in Norwalk, CA.  It is the old Taco Bell by Cerritos College.  Thanks to los padres de DL for the fotos.


Church’s Fried Chicken – Long Beach, CA

This is the only old Taco Bell building I have seen that is occupied by another restaurant chain.  It is on Artesia Bl. between Orange and Cherry in Long Beach, California.  Notice the center arch has been made into a doorway.


Giyo’s Tacos #2 – Paramount, California

Giyo's Tacos is located in an old Taco Bell building near Rosecrans and Paramount, in Paramount, California.  This is near the bustling Paramount Swap Meet.


Golden Bowl – Long Beach, CA

This is an old Taco Bell that is in mostly original condition.  It is now "Golden Bowl."  The sign says charbroiled chicken and burgers.  Golden Bowl is near Bixby and Atlantic.

This photo shows the sign.


Pop’s Burgers – Long Beach, CA

This old Taco Bell is near Spring and Clark in Long Beach California.  For years, it was a Mexican food place called Baja Sonora.  It has recently become Pop's Burgers.  From the front, it is hard to tell it used to be a Taco Bell.  It has a glass addition that obscures the brick arches.


El Burrito Jr. – S. Torrance, CA

This is one of the best places for Mexican Food in Torrance.  However, I think the El Burrito Jr. a few miles east in Lomita has the best food of the small chain.  The Lomita store is also more like a taco stand.  I recommend a chile relleno with tomatillo sauce, or a chile verde burrito.

Of course, the south Torrance location is in an old Taco Bell building.


Umemura Japanese Restaurant – Gardena, California

Umemura is on Redondo Beach Bl. in Gardena.  It is an old Taco Bell building surrounded by new development.  Thanks to CS for the tip.


The Original Taco Bell in Downey, California

This old taco bell building was the first ever built.  It dates from 1961, and is located on Firestone Bl.  just east of the 710 freeway.  Currently, the building is home to "Sea Food and Tacos Raul."  Thanks to DL for snapping the photo.