Used to be Taco Bell Used to be Taco Bell is dedicated to pre-drive through Taco Bell architecture. Our goal is to find old Taco Bell buildings, and show what they are now.


Isimi Japanese Food: Bellflower, California

This was the Taco Bell of my Teen years.  I had a friend that worked the night shift.  I knew I could get an oversized burrito when I wanted.  I found it funny when the store was sold.  It had plenty of room for a drive through.  A new Taco Bell was opened on the opposite side of the street.  This old Taco Bell building became a series of Mexican food joints, and now serves sushi and other Japanese food.


Neno’s Pizza in Lomita, CA

This old Taco Bell building now houses Neno's Pizza.  It is on Lomita Bl., in Lomita, California.  Like many old Taco Bell sites, it has become a different restaurant.  A newer Taco Bell operates on the opposite side of the street.  This pattern of selling the old Taco Bell buildings, and opening a new store with a drive through was very common in the 1980's.

My buddy Phil says Neno's has a great Mediterranean pizza with artichoke hearts.


Alfredo’s Mexican Food in Carson, CA

According to the Wikipedia article on Taco Bell, this was the first Taco Bell opened as a franchise.  It is in Carson, California, on Carson ST. just east of Western.  It is currently a Mexican restaurant called Alfredo's.


This one is still a Taco Bell

This Taco Bell in Long Beach, California is the only one I know that still does not have a drive through.  It has seen extensive renovation.  The original building is barely recognizable.  By the way, if you are in this part of Long Beach, the best Mexican food around is at Taqueria  La Mexicana on 4th St.  The green tomatillo sauce is the best ever.

used to be taco bell


Old style Taco Bell demolished in Wisconsin

To bad it's gone.

Used to be Taco Bell



The first Taco Bell restaurants had no drive through and distinctive architecture.  Most were closed, and an updated store with a drive through was opened nearby. will uncover what has become of those original buildings.